The roots of Sicoplan go back to 1948, when the company Verkor was founded in the area of Kortrijk in Belgium. Verkor did research and developed the technology to produce particle boards, using bio waste as raw material.

Through the years '50 until '70, Verkor acquired experience in the design and start–up of production plants for particle boards.
Many projects were realized in good collaboration with Siempelkamp GmbH, Germany, as main machine supplier or general constructor.

Finally in 1974 Siempelkamp Maschinen– und Anlagenbau GmbH decided to found its own planning company Sicoplan in Belgium, with the support of an experienced team of engineers of Verkor.

Today Sicoplan is the division of Siempelkamp, responsible for plant engineering and start–up with a team of 40 highly motivated and experienced employees, with hundreds of references in Particle boards, MDF, OSB and Fiber insulation boards worldwide.

From cultural and historical background, Belgians have always been looking for the best compromises to keep things going and achieve their goals. We focus on team play, no matter who is in the team.

The common goals stand much higher than the personal ego. When facing problems, we act quick and look immediately for solutions, rather than wasting time denying the problem or looking for who to blame.

Our approach, based on decades of experience working worldwide in teams with different cultural backgrounds is highly appreciated by our customers.

The mission of Sicoplan is to be the most trusted and flexible partner and to provide reliable consulting and engineering services, based on our practical experience in the field, worldwide for more than 40 years.

In this way we want to contribute to the success of our customers and our mother company Siempelkamp GmbH.

Our vision is to preserve and further strengthen our position as expert by attracting young engineers and by searching continuously for new technologies in 3D Engineering, including permanent training for all our employees.

This allows us to continue to dispose our expertise to our customers and to guarantee innovative and high quality services, with the goal to maintain and build up sustainable relationships with all our business partners.

Managing Director: Dirk Traen