The engineering services of Sicoplan cover the basic engineering and technological start–up for all process equipment for the production of Particle Boards, MDF, OSB and Fiber Insulation Boards, starting from the woodyard until the finished board storage and including all utilities.

We also supply detailed engineering and workshop drawings for pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems, for local manufacturing.

In the early project phase, based on its experience over the last 40 years Sicoplan prepares a three-dimensional plant layout, flow diagram with capacity calculations, and an equipment list. These documents are the basis for substantial discussions with the potential investor and his project and operational management.

We can also supply the technical information and drawings needed for building– and production license.

Once the contract for equipment supply between the customer and Siempelkamp is signed, Sicoplan starts the basic engineering phase. This includes technical support for the local procurement of equipment (defining design, guarantees and scope of supply), matching all components into an optimally running production line.

To manage all the interfaces between different equipment suppliers and project stakeholders, we continuously update our 3D Model depicting the entire plant.

As the project progresses, the model is actualized with detailed information from various parties: machine suppliers, architects, local contractors, ...

During the entire project stage, we make the 3D Model (NWD) available for all parties to check for details and interfaces.

The final 2D dimensional drawings for buildings, steelstructures, conveying systems, piping and cabling are extracted from the 3D model.

Sicoplan offers detailed engineering for mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, to enable local manufacturing.

Every machine is designed entirely in 3D. They consist out of various sheet metal parts, together with common available standard purchased parts. Each sheet metal part comes with its own set of generic documentation (step, dxf, pdf), to allow production on any type of manufacturing machine.

Bill of materials are provided for each machine, as well as for the entire project, to facilitate local procurement and manufacturing processes.

When it comes to modernizing, expanding or upgrading an existing production plant, it is fundamental to start your project with documentation that corresponds to the as-is current situation. To acquire these data, Sicoplan developed a unique workflow to map existing production facilities. With a minimum of effort and time we size up your facility using a 3D scan. This information is incorporated into a single 3D model depicting the situation on site. The idea of "bringing the plant to the engineer", empowers our people at home to come up with the right design and implementation of the new equipment.

The completion of the installation work is followed by the start–up of the plant. Sicoplan supports the technological start–up as well as the test runs for the final acceptance.